Things to Consider When Adding a New Deck

There are many things to consider before you decide to build an IPE deck. Here are a few of them to help you out:
  • Form & Function: Determine what it is you really want or need from your new deck.  Are you looking for a place to entertain outdoors, a private oasis, or an extension of living space?  Reflecting on the form and function of your new deck will help facilitate the design process. 
  • Budget: Dreaming about your new deck will surely inspire grand ideas with a no-holds-barred attitude.  Consider this when thinking about costs: a simple deck with limited features can cost anywhere from $30-35 per square foot (depending on many factors).  Additional features, such as pergolasfences,railingsstairsgazebos, and fire pits can add to the budget.  We've seen all kinds of shapes and sizes of decks in our business and we can assure you, even the most simplest in design are stunning additions to a home.
  • Size: Your new deck should complement your backyard space, not overwhelm it.  Think about the layout of your backyard, the currently utilized space, whether you want the deck to be attached to your home, or set apart from it. 
  • Materials: When considering which wood decking material you should choose, remember the following: it should aesthetically complement your home and your personal style, offer long-term value and be as maintenance-free as possible.







Create More Space With An Elevated Deck

Being a custom deck builder means California Decks has the opportunity to create truly compelling and efficient designs. From Santa Barbara to San Clemente our deck and patio work is the best around and really beautifies the communities we have the privilege of working in.  Our decks not only increase the resale value of your home, but also create more space and help you live the dream California outdoor lifestyle. 

Lately we have been getting a fair number of inquiries on custom elevated decks. We proudly design and build elevated decks and patios, and love the challenge that the slopes of California offer our architects and engineers. A California Decks deck or patio elevated 20 feet in the air on the slope of a mountain really is a sight to behold. 

Sometimes we build elevated decks out of necessity, other times out of beauty, but often we build them to help our customers use their outdoor space more effectively. An elevated deck is perfect for where space is tight, since it effectively doubles the area it is built in. Imagine a patio with a built-in barbecue on top and a shaded reading area for you or a play area for the kids underneath. Other times we build multi-level decks to give the husband a work area underneath and the wife a sunning area on top. Perhaps we are not only building decks but also saving marriages! 


If you need an elevated deck builder in Los Angeles contact California Decks today for a free consultation. 


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Better Cost to Value Ratio with Natural Wood Decks over Composite

The latest remodeling cost to value report by Hanley Wood, analyzing cost recouped for mid-range home remodel projects, puts deck additions in the top three for highest retention of resale value among other popular remodeling projects.  When comparing natural wood decks with composite deck additions, natural wood decks had a greater cost recouped value of 80.6% versus 70.9% for composite decking.  The recent economic downturn impacted home resale figures over the last couple of years, bringing the resale value of deck additions down slightly in 2009 from 2008, when natural wood deck additions costs recouped was a whopping 91.5% compared to only 82.1% for composite.  

Natural or Composite?
There's no doubt consumers are becoming more green-minded and looking for outdoor products that are sustainable.  But the recent report begs the question: What is more important: living green or having green (money)?  Maybe the answer is found with the compromise of installing natural wood decks that are sustainable.  Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is one option that will satisfy homeowners need for a sustainable natural hardwood, best for outdoor products, such as decks, pergolas, fencing, railings, stairs, benches, gates, gazebos, and more.  Its sustainable benefits are found in its inherent characteristics of being durable, it lasts for 40-100 years (twice as long as redwood and other common deck materials), it is termite and rot resistant and it has a safe A1 fire rating.  Ipe can also be purchased as a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber.

So, when thinking about your new or remodeled deck project, remember there are sustainable natural wood options, like Ipe.  Talk to your local deck contractor or home improvement store to learn more about your options and how you can retain the best value for your money.

California Decks is located in Los Angeles, California and is southern California's premiere deck contractor specializing in Ipe wood for custom-designed and professionally installed decks, pergolas, fencing, railings, stairs, gazebos, gates, benches, fire pits, and more.  Please visit our website at






How sustainable is Ipe?

The most environment friendly material to use for your deck is Ipe for several reasons: 1) Its extreme hardness allows us to use half the thickness (1x6 instead of 2x6) of any other alternative material, wood or composite. 2) Because of its extreme ability to resist the elements (expected life of 40 to 100 years) including fire (A1 fire rating) it does not need to be replaced as often as other timbers. The alternative deck materials that we offer are Redwood or composites. The Redwood requires twice the lumber, needs to be replaced every 15 years on the average, requires maintenance every year and is equivalent in price to Ipe. The composites are a mix of polyethylene (nylon) and wood sawdust. The chemical manufacturing process of it is far from environment friendly, it is a fire hazard as it burns like a torch and is 20% more expensive then Ipe.


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